• Testimonials

  • Testimonials from some of our most talented students over the last few years.

    Lead Rehearsal Director/Aerial Trainer, Celebrity Cruises Productions. Graduated 2006

    "I would recommend Expressions Academy of Performing Arts to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the arts. What is wonderfully unique about this college is that it doesn’t only specialize in one discipline. Wether you want to pursue a career in Musical Theatre, commercial dance, acting or other, you can learn all the tools you need in one place.
    Even if you only want to focus on one discipline, for example for me it was mainly dance, you will gain so much knowledge from other subjects that will give you something special and make you stand out in a room of dancers. The skills I learnt from acting and musical theatre made me a dancer that can feel more and act out emotion in dance. Dance is much more than just technique, a dancer that can feel the music and tell a story separates them from the rest. And even though singing terrified me, I now know how to incorporate musicality into dance instead of just counts (and my poor cast members get to hear me sing all day when I’m teaching). I now teach and direct shows and these skills are how I am able to do my job. Teaching choreography is easy, but getting dancers to show the correct emotion and tell a story is harder. Working with performers who already have this skill is a dream.
    This college not only equips you with the skill set you need in professional work it also give you the knowledge you need to get the job. I often work on an audition panel for Celebrity Cruises and it is amazing how much talent can be missed due to lack of audition technique, including not knowing how to present themselves in the room or bring the correct material, for example a good quality headshot and CV. Expressions prepares it’s students to a professional standard and the students are equipped with knowledge of how to get a job and also how to act professionally once they have it.
    If you want to be an all round performer and have a long career I would definitely recommend Expressions of Performing Arts. You will have three years of soaking up so much knowledge from so many top professionals in the Industry and you will come out not only as a talented performer but a talented performer with that extra something that you just can’t get from anywhere else."

    Graduate 2017 Celebrity Cruises

    "Choosing to attend college at EPA was the best choice for many reasons.  Everyday was an exciting challenge with a chance to learn something new.  I learnt about all there genres, acing singing and dancing.  I also learnt how to make showreels, emails, invoices and how to get the best headshot etc.,  They teach you the skills to be prepared to get you a job as soon as you’ve graduated.

    The faculty team are amazing and everyone of them care for each student to push us to be our best.  EPA is like one big family!  In my last year at EPA, I went to audition for Celebrity Cruise audition.  I went to Miami to start rehearsing three weeks after graduating in 2017, this show that you don’t need to be at a college in London to be successful and make your dreams come true.  EPA was definitely the best decision I ever made."

    Graduate 2017 P&O Cruises

    "When deciding a choice of college, there was only one choice for me, I chose EPA (Expressions Performing Arts)! This was due to the unique and extremely talented faculty and the friendly professional atmosphere that the college showed to me on an open day that I attended.

    I studied Musical Theatre for 3 years and acquired a Foundation Degree in Performing Arts and 2 Diplomas in Acting and Performing Arts. In my time there I also gained knowledge about the industry and how to attain a job after graduating, from many different professionals who have been working for many years.

    Throughout my 3 years there were many opportunities to perform at prestigious events such as: Move It, Can You Dance and The Royal Albert Hall to name a few this made my time there extremely enjoyable.

    Each day there were different challenges in class to always improve you as a performer. I can’t forget to mention the friends and memories that will stay with me for life.
    Thank You for everything EPA!"

    Graduate 2017   Marella Discovery owned by TUI.

    “I would recommend EPA to anyone who has aspirations of making a successful career within the Performing Arts Industry, whether that is dance, singing or acting EPA will nurture your talent and make your ambitions a reality. I chose to study at EPA a I have a natural love for performing all of my life and I knew this was the career path for me. EPA provided me with recognized qualifications (being delivered by professionals), built my self-confidence and have given me an unimaginable amount of opportunities within the Industry. I am forever grateful for everything that EPA has done for me and the memories and experiences I had will stay with me for the rest of my life”

    Graduate 2016. Aladdin West End

    “Training at EPA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I came straight from school knowing I wanted to pursue a career in the Arts and EPA gave me the knowledge, support and physical and mental training to prepare myself to this. Helping me become a risk taker and to go outside my comfort zone…. always looking to improve. From the Industry leading professional teachers, to the environment and the friends I made for life they have all inspired me and given me wisdom to help me continue to grow as both a dancer and a person. I graduated in 2016 and in 2017 signed my first WEST END contract in DISNEY’s ALADDIN.  I look forward to the future and if you’re looking to study while creating amazing memories EPA is the place”


    Smile Theatre Society. Graduated 2016

    “When making decisions for the future (especially if you are considering a career in the performing arts industry) I can absolutely recommend studying at EPA. I chose to study for a BA(Hons) in Theatre Arts at another college prior to attending EPA but found myself unequipped of the knowledge to enter the Industry. I had little or no understanding of agents, castings, auditions, showreels, headshots or even how to create a performers CV!

    I then decided to join EPA in 2013 and it was the best decision I had ever made. Not only did I gain the professional knowledge needed, I learnt how to sing and dance as well as improve my acting skills and all was taught by leading Industry professionals. Every day was an exciting challenging day full of opportunities and the friends and memories I made there will stay with me forever”

    Graduated 2014

    “I knew from the moment I was blessed with a place at EPA my life would change.  Being trained by high level professionals on a daily basis was a dream come true.  EPA has every resource to help develop your skills as a performer and the staff have a wealth of knowledge who are always happy to help.  I started at EPA as an actor with little experience in dance and singing, by the end of the three years I was able to call myself an all-round performer.  The quality of training and knowledge you gain from EPA cannot be beat.  I was able to learn about agents, showreels, taxation and more which are all integral to be able to work as a performer.  The knowledge from EPA is incredible and because of them I am able to work as a performer today.  After graduating I was able to get an agent, work in the profession I have always dreamed of.  I recently finished the UK and Canadian tour of Paw Patrol Live as a lead character which wouldn’t have been possible without the college”