• Student Welfare

  • Health and Happiness of our Students

    As well as great facilities, the Academy understands how important it is that every student has home comforts too.

    On acceptance to the college new students will be sent an accommodation list. Although the choice of accommodation you stay in your choice you can be rest assured that the college vets all student accommodation. This is to ensure that we have the best accommodation available for all of our students.

    As a rule we would suggest that all 16 and 17 year olds stay with a family to help them settle into life away from home. As this can be a big upheaval at this age, we find the student will settle down more easily in a family environment rather then being left in a flat to cope on their own. This will make settling into the Academy that little bit easier for them.

    We do have our own student accommodation and all students within these are monitored. Shared or own rooms are available.  This accommodation protects the student in their early years of training and is recommended for at least the first year of study.  

    On your first day at Expressions you will be in the care of our student liaison officer. You can discuss in strictest confidence at any time on a one to one basis anything that is troubling you. She will remain with you for the full three years and will be there for you at any time if you ever need help or advice regarding tuition and welfare. Our friendly staff are always willing to listen and will make time to help you with any problems you may have.

    Access to professional counselling can be made available when required. All counselling services are strictly confidential.

    Maintaining a high level of fitness is vital. Your body is your tool and knowing how easily this can be damaged is crucial. All students are encouraged to respect their bodies and to understand and work within their physical limitation thus minimising the risk of injury.

    Our in house physiotherapist will be on hand to assist you with any problems you may have and will monitor your progress weekly.

    Diet and nutrition is a primary concern and we know how important it is for a successful career. Regular classes will be given throughout the year giving help and advice on ways to keep your body working to the maximum, with the demanding life of being a performer. You will be taught correct warm up procedures in all technique classes both physically and vocally. Any injuries will be monitored at all times. We also insist that every student is registered at a local medical practice and dentist. Students are advised to take out their own health care insurance taking into account physiotherapy and osteopathy needs.

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