• Applying for an Audition and Open Days

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    Starting your Journey

    Open Days are available the last week of every month. These are available from Year 10 students upwards. These give you the opportunity to ‘shadow’ the 1st year students in our ‘Spend a Day at Expressions’. These days are completely free of charge. Open days are available on a day to suit your major e.g. Dance/Singing/Acting and this must be stated at the time of application. To apply for an open day please complete the Application Form on this website and email this through to us clearly stating that you are wanting to attend an open day and what your major discipline is.

    Entry to the academy will be determined by audition. Auditions for September intakes commence from the September beforehand up until August. You will be notified of an audition date upon receipt of your application forms, which must then be confirmed by you.

    Entry requirements are not formal but applicants must be over 16 years of age and have a satisfactory level in either singing, dancing or acting as well as the promise and determination to develop in all of the performance disciplines.


    Auditions consist of a Jazz class, an acting class and a vocal class where candidates will be assessed on both their current abilities and their future potential. The following is required for your audition:-

    A short solo dance of under two minutes, your own choice of dance style. Music to be on CD, iPod, iPhone.

    A solo singing piece with backing track. Backing tracks may be on CD, iPod, iPhone.

    A short acting monologue. Please bring with you a copy of the monologue for the panel.

    Finally, you will be required to meet with the Principal of the Academy with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

    Contact us

    For Auditions dates see Open Days and Events

  • Note: Parents are encouraged to accompany students to auditions to get a feel for the academy. A limited number of scholarships are available to exceptional students and funding is available